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High Country Coffee seeks to offer you the resources necessary to truly enjoy your coffee in all its complexity. Now that you have found the ideal source for green coffee beans, maybe you are shopping for a new roaster, or curious about the difference between a Bourbon and a Pacamara cultivar. Please feel free to visit these links to other coffee-related sites. Some of them are directories, others are informational sites, and even a few link to competitor sites as well. Surf's up: enjoy the ride and we hope you and learn a little more about the wonderful world of coffee.

Friends & Family:
New Guinea Traders is a green coffee importer originally established for the purpose of helping indigenous Papua New Guineans realize a greater return on their labors and a more equitable profit from their coffee crops. Their coffee line and business has expanded to include noteworthy, conscientious coffees from El Salvador.

R.K. Drums offers roasting drums for gas grills that bridge the gap between the 1/2 lb roasters available today, and the pro small batch roaster costing thousands of dollars.

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Roast Magazine           Specialty Coffee Retailer
Barista Magazine         Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

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