Based out of that adoptive home of all things caffeinated, the Pacific Northwest, High Country Coffee is a member of the New Guinea Traders family, specializing in offering our exceptionally fresh and high-value coffees directly to the home roaster.

A true family enterprise, the company  is made up of siblings, parents, and assorted in-law worker drones.

  We Know Our Green Bean Coffee Growers Personally

Our buying arrangements have grown out of relationships with individuals and families that were already in place: Kinjibi tribal family showing off their freshly picked coffee cherries.

Ordinarily dealing in high volumes for commercial roasters, our parent company, New Guinea Traders, had come to recognize the popularity of their fairly-traded and fairly-priced varietals not only with retail roasters, but with smaller artisan home roasters as well.  In response, we have spun off High Country Coffee as a separate division focused on providing you with great coffee at great prices. This unique model provides you with the most direct connection to the source of your delight!

We live and work on the beautiful San Juan Islands off the northwest coast of Washington State, where good air, good livin', and good coffee keep us on our toes.

High Country Coffee
396 Miller Rd.
Friday Harbor, WA  98250  USA
toll-free 1-877-CUP-SNOB (287-7662)


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