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A selection of our finest Green (raw) Arabica Coffees from Papua New Guinea. Click on the appropriate varietal for specific information.

Grade A PNG Kinjibi Tribal Coffee 

Kinjibi Tribal
Grade A

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Papua New Guinea Kinjibi Tribal Grade X 

Kinjibi Tribal
Grade X

Women Waiting With Their Green Coffee Beans On the Highlands of Papua New Guinea: Kinjibi Tribal Peaberry

Kinjibi Tribal

KINJIBI COFFEE is grown on the 300 hectare Kinjibi Tribal Plantation as well as nearby village gardens ranging in size from twenty to five or six hundred trees in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The tribe itself consists of roughly 9,000 individuals who collectively own 100% of the Kinjibi Plantation. When you buy Kinjibi Coffee through High Country Coffee, you are buying direct from this enterprising tribal group that cultivate, pick and process their own green beans.

At a high altitude of over 5700 ft, the Arabica coffee they grow is exceptional, representing a unique mix of Typica (Blue Mountain), Mundo Novo, and Arusha varieties.

  Papua New Guinea flag: Today PNG's coffee industry consists of tens of thousands of small, village coffee gardens which produce over 70% of the country's annual exportable crop, averaging 60,000 tons per year