Kinjibi Tribal Peaberry
Product No.: PNGPB

Country:  Papua New Guinea Region: Waghi River Valley, Western Highlands Origin: Kinjibi Tribal Plantation
Processing: Wet Grade: Peaberry Cultivars: Typica, Arusha, NovoMondo
Map of Papua New Guinea. Kinjibi Tribal Coffee Comes From The Western Highlands

This bean typically has a more pronounced flavor than the A Grade, with a strong enticing aroma.

A very even clean cup; good complexity; simply one of the best beans on the planet.

Less than 5 defects for 300 grams, with 14-15 mm screen size.

Ratings: Recommended Roast Profile:
Fragrance (1-5)   Fruity, citrus-like
Aroma/Nose (1-5)   Chocolatey
Acidity/Brightness (1-5)   Medium
Flavor/Depth (1-5)  
Body (1-5)   Medium
Finish/Aftertaste (1-5)    
Cupper's Correction    
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