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The Cloud Forests of the Altamira Region of El Salvador: Finca Las Nubes Strictly High Grown Gourmet Bourbon

Las Nubes Bourbon
SHG Traditional Wet Processed

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Time honored sun drying of coffee beans: Eco-friendly demucelage processed Finca Las Nubes

Las Nubes
Eco-friendly Demucilaged Process

The Finca Las Nubes is situated between 5500 and 6500 feet in the "Cinturon de Oro," or the "Golden Belt" of western El Salvador. Once part of a larger Altamira plantation which was broken up into a number of smaller farms under agrarian reforms, Las Nubes still works with, relies upon, and shares generously with their neighbors. Blessed with mature shade trees, volcanic soil rich in phosphorous and potassium indicative of the region, refreshing winds, abundant rainfall, and ample sunshine, their old-style shade-grown Bourbon is the quintessential Central American coffee.

High in the cloud forests of El Salvador, this small finca has been producing extraordinary gourmet bourbon coffee since the early 1900's.

  El Salvador flag: In the mid 1800's acres and acres of Bourbon coffee trees, imported from Colombia, were planted on the slopes and high places of El Salvador