Finca Las Nubes Eco-Friendly Demucilaged (SHG)
Product No.: ESDEM

Country:  El Salvador Region: Apaneca Mtns., Sosonate Dept. Origin: Finca Las Nubes
Processing: Demucilaged Grade: Gourmet Cultivar: Bourbon
Map of El Salvador.  Sonsonate Department Is Noted for Rich Volcanic Soils and Ocean Breezes A lot of complexity in this cup since it is an Old School Bourbon;  great in blends to add body or standing alone; nice, nice bean.

Grown at 5500-6500 feet.

Screen size 16-17 millimeter with less than 6 defects per 1000 grams.

Ratings: Recommended Roast Profile:
Fragrance (1-5)   Chocolatey
Aroma/Nose (1-5)   Chocolatey
Acidity/Brightness (1-5)   Medium
Flavor/Depth (1-5)   Nutty overtones
Body (1-5)   Full
Finish/Aftertaste (1-5)    
Cupper's Correction    
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