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Our Combination and Sampler Packs

A selection of our finest Green (raw) Arabica Coffees from our growers ideal for gifts or perfecting your cupping.

A Rich Variety of Green Beans Await You: Sampler Packs Make Great Gifts!

Combination & Sampler Packs
Taste the World

Our Coffee selections come in many shapes and sizes, and if you can't make up your mind, are looking to perfect your own "signature blend", or just want to try something new, a Combination Sampler is just the thing for you! It also makes a great gift for your home roasting friends.

Our listed sample packs are 5 bags of different coffees ideal for those new to home roasting who want to taste several different coffees before ordering in larger amounts, or are trying to discover the differences between varietals and regions. We include both our El Salvador varietals, and three Tribal varieties from Papua New Guinea.

If you would rather try just an assortment of our coffees from El Salvador, or just our Tribal Coffees from Papua New Guinea, we can put them together for you no problem. Simply make the selections and weights you would like to see in your shopping cart, and we will pack it up for you "mix-n-match"!

And In Ordering, Please Keep In Mind That
Volume = Savings!

The more you purchase, the lower the per lb. cost to you